Our Products

White River Sawmills produces a wide product range to meet the requirements of all our valued customers both locally and internationally.
Our current product range consists of:

  • Graded structural timber
  • Clear grade timber
  • Laminated beams
  • Flooring and ceiling
  • Packaging and furniture grade timber

In addition to the above, we also have C.C.A. (Copper Chrome Arsenate) treating facility which allows for treatment of timber for H2 and H3 hazard classes.

H2 treatment is recommended for timber that is used under roof, is in contact with the ground and will not be exposed to direct weathering.

H3 treatment is for timber that is not in direct contact with the ground but which will be exposed to weathering

Our company currently supplies products throughout Southern Africa into South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Mozambique and exports significant volumes of timber to Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Britain. We have been exporting timber to these countries over the past fifteen years and have developed a reputation as a reliable and consistent supplier of quality products to these markets.

White River Sawmills has been involved in the processing of timber for more than fifty years and prides itself in it’s ability to provide an excellent product at a high service level to all it’s customers situated in various countries around the world.